Fear and Loathing in Santa Cruz

Not far from where I currently sit, Hunter Thompson wrote about memories of cruising at top speed across the Bay Bridge on a Vincent Black Shadow over 50 years ago. Much has stayed the same since those heady times of the 60s. The problems remain but the optimism that fueled the social movements of that era have been lost along the way.

Perhaps apathy is too powerful, perhaps people are too dumb. The same mistakes are repeated over and over again with nary a care given to the repetitive outcome.

I am supposed to be able to let things go. It is what I practice and is my accepted philosophy of self-governance. This issue is for now at the forefront of the minds of all Americans and/or citizens of the world. If for no other reason than the insanity of it all is a car crash of monumental proportions that you cannot help but to rubberneck.

The good news is that this version of The Great Pumpkin that we have elected to the highest public office in the world is not long for that “dump” he lives in. His words, not mine. He will likely resign soon to save face. That’s the rumor. It can’t happen fast enough.

How much damage will he do before he leaves?

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